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Good Morning H-4

Hexagram 4

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By: James Byrd

I.The Oracle 

A. Hexagram four is Meng or Enveloping. Additional interpretations include Discovering, Young Shoot or Youthful Folly. Hexagram 4's lower trigram is Kan: gorge or water. And its upper trigram is Gen: bound or mountain.    


B. The Judgment

   1. Youthful Folly has success. It is not I who seeks the young fool; 
       The young fool seeks me. At the first oracle, I inform him.
   2. If he asks two or three times, it is importunity. 
       If he importunes, I give him no information. Perseverance furthers.

C. The Image

  1. A spring wells up at the foot of the mountain:
      a) The image of Youth. The superior man fosters his character,
      b) By thoroughness in all that he does.

II. My interpretation 

A. "Youthful Folly"


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