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Hexagram 1

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by James Byrd

I. The Oracle 

A. Hexagram one is directly related to The Creative Principle, The Origin, hence, the source of all sources.

Another variation would be that which sustains earth, as earth hangs from its Heavenly Tread. It is like a clock, it works or sustains this this-ness via providing the correct time for all mandated occurrences, this is only because all of the parts are as they should be, such that, why is the moon there?
   1. The Creative works sublime success, like the prisoner in solitary confinement, you are within your temple, which is your solitary body. You must ready yourself with such tools as Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, and any forms of activities that are deemed to make you somewhat strong-minded and untiring. In essence, always be ready for the long haul.
   2. The Creative :
The Dragon Hides and makes himself strong and untiring. The creative or on these types of days we can say, as in heaven, so as it is here on earth, like that of a raindrop, which travels from one realm to another.

B. The Image

  1. The movement of heaven is full of power
      a) Ready yourself please for long life, leave the wonders of heaven to the originator, just sustain in your uniquely given vessel, ready your body for Long Life, always be ready for the long haul
      b) Thus there is a sublime success, staying on the right path brings just rewards

II. My interpretation

A. The Creative can be seen when we view the vastness of the sky and believe me, there is also a boundary somewhere up and out there, just as a glass that holds water, or the Qi within the body, containment. Knowing when to retreat, and when to advance, only the Sage knows that, after regular meditation, it becomes a knack. Update: (6-25-19) "If you think Snake, and within the hour, you see a snake, that's solid."

   1. Again, this ability represents one who is in accord with heaven here on earth, UNION . For this date, means the Dragon, or in a sense one who forges himself for pending or ceaseless activity. We see also with this hexagram that of the creative above and below, hence, as above, so below. And don't tell me, fog. If you look at the ground you will see heaven seated there firmly on the plateau of earth, even the clouds obey. From earth, that layer of atmosphere seated firmly on earth is the connecting aspect of heaven. Mind you now, at times, the atmosphere that directly surrounds us now, has more than average influence on our current activities, it is from above. Now today we are under the influence of The Creative. With this we also see the Sage who will appear to some to be above it all, yet The One who is the common cause, The Great and The Origination of Power, hence, The Darkness that surrounds all Lights. Ready Yourself, and know this, The Dragon even with his profound vastness, sustains earth by hiding within a drop of water.

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