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Hexagram 36

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by James Byrd

I. The Oracle 

A. Hexagram thirty-six is related to Diminishing of the Light, hence, retreating and hiding one's true intellectual position.

Another variation would be just as the Sun hides its brilliance at times, so should the Superior person during times of difficulties. Hence, it furthers one to be persevering. It can be said that the superior man lives with the great masses, yet he vails his light, still the same it shines.
   1. Now is not a good time to cross the great water. It furthers one to be persevering.
   2. Darkening of the Light:
With this we see the superior man managing others to the degree that he is somewhat proving his intelligence by keeping quiet about the situation he is in at the moment.

B. The Image

  1. The Sunset behind the Earth
      a) Keep to your course
      b) During these times, be aware of the difficulties ahead.

II. My interpretation 

A. I remember a gigantic experience I have had during the observance of My Calendar of Days, and that was on February 15, 2013. I am speaking of the rock that landed on earth at that time. It made me take notice that the calendar operates somewhat like that of the standard bell curve graph in statistics; anywhere near the peak one can expect a paralleling probability or a related effect that relates directly with the calendar given with "Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days". In some books this hexagram relates to injury and will appear four times a year on My Calendar of Days; Feb. 14, July 17, August 7, and November 14. The way I see it, it falls at the start of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

   1. The main idea is that at times it is best to take a back seat and enjoy the ride, but try not to be a backseat driver, so to speak. It is a time for you to submit to the dark principle, but do it to the tune of maintaining the personal principles you hold inside of you. In short, do not sit out on the tree limb and saw the log. Remember, that morals are just morals to people who profess them; across the board, those morals may not be the prevailing sentiments of all mankind at the current time, but thanks to the internet we are getting there, hence, innovative technologies. The hexagram maintains that a person should realize the situation they are in at the moment and maintain a firm steadiness to their beforehand planned course, or should I say, maintain your Inward Principles. The same can be seen with Hexagram 6, talking leads to conflict. Now we take six times six to a higher octave, and we see, "keep your fears to yourself." It is better to configure your innermost feelings in such a way that you might come across as being gentle and accepting of others, less, there will be compound conflict at the present moment.
Despite troubles within your heart, fix your will on extruding that which is righteous. Be agreeable in the face of immeasurable difficulties. So find a quiet place and wait it out. Three days before, and three days after the turmoil. We are at about top-dead-center right now. Low key it today folks.
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