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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hexagram 54

Hexagram 54

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by James Byrd

I.The Oracle 

A. Hexagram Fifty-Four I can say this at this time, there is nothing to be gained by advancing at this time. The Marrying Maiden is accompanied by her younger sister who is the vested consort. With these terms, all is well, but if by chance the consort is the older sister all is not well. On all accounts, the marriage can without penalties be canceled until the situation fairs well. To hold such an important event as a wedding at such an inopportune moment, would be the same as a cloudy sky but no rain.

   1. The Marrying Maiden.
   2. This means the end of life as a maiden and the beginning of motherhood for a young girl if this position is adopted at the correct time.

B. The Image

  1. Thunder over the Lake
      a) The image, one must know this in order for there to be a favor ending one must take measures to ensure a correct and timely beginning.
      b) Thus the superior man is careful in the differentiation of things so that each finds its correct place and time. Now I ask you, is the moon nearing full now?

II.My interpretation 

A. The main theme with Hexagram 54 is, do not be overoptimistic at this time. Things, in this case, could go wrong during the duration of a quick marriage if granted at an inopportune moment.

   1. I agree, no one is perfect but tries at best to ensure that the happiness of that significant other is handled with care when planning such a memorable event as an, one and only, everlasting wedding. I can also say this after the next full moon goes for it. -This is full, that is full.- Could be that is why, -Honey Moon.- Marriage is good, but we must start with a good beginning in order to end with a good and auspicious duration which should lead to that of Abundance.

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