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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hexagram 55

Hexagram 55

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by James Byrd

I. The Oracle 

A. Hexagram fifty-five with this we see Abundance and fullness. Another variation is The Abounding, or we see one how has it all, but he is still sad within our chateau with its dike. The thing he should do is be happy with the fullness and solitude of his situation. At this point, set back and count your beans.

   1. The Abundance, The superior man at this point will see that there is a need to judge lawsuits and declare outcomes as fairly as possible. Improvement is necessary, it is the only avenue towards prosperity.
   2. Abundance has Success
Be Happy; you are where you planned to be.

B. The Image

  1. Both thunder and lightning come:
      a) The image of Abundance
      b) Thus the superior man decides lawsuits and carries out just punishments.

II.My interpretation 

A. For now, with Abundance, we must learn to live now with contentment as we inventory our harvest. Our prosperity has been imparted upon us, and us along, be happy and enjoy your just reward. You are where you planned to be. And remember; -Only he who remains inwardly free of sorrow and care can bring in a time of abundance.- (1)

   1. With the lower tri-gram, we see Sun, which has much to do with wind. For the upper tri-gram, we see thunder. So there we have thunder above wind as the impending image. More than likely, it will rain today. For a little while close and open communications between people.

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