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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Social Marketing ~ Mobil Marketing Mix

Social Marketing ~ Mobil Marketing Mix
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By James Byrd, MBA

 Channel platforms such as Twitter and YouTube can be used to add momentum to other marketing channels within the framework of the social media strategies (SMS), and that of the traditional marketing mix. For example, the Old Spice Super Bowl television ads which shifted the momentum of that ad campaign upstream to the YouTube platform. Yes, just as you might think, there are other elements of the total campaign package that can extend the reach of an ad campaign, namely the addition of mobile connections would be a crucial strategy given that every company out there now has an app for whatever reason you might encounter. The quick response devices should be the main focal point when devising the SMS.
Nowadays the best connection via social media is with your prospects via mobile devices. Just guess why some companies are giving away free cell phones? I can say this, in terms of the time, the average prospect has within their immediate grasp, their cell phones at all times. By building a constant connection to your customer-prospect you will be fortifying your brand loyalty. With mobile marking comes a vital untapped source of new prospects and will multiply and broaden your reach in terms of customer base.
Communications with customers should be on-going especially when there are impending improvements and roll-outs of new products. In short, given the extent of innovative technologies – before sales interactions, is important, but even more important is after sales interactions with the customer. In fact, word of mouth is very important to your marketing mix. The best resolve out of your mobile marketing efforts would be feedback to develop new products, which will be somewhat geared towards the wants of your customer base. 
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